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The future

In the 21st century, human talents will certainly not be exhausted, and the human mind will continue to give life to its own genius. Passionate people with a sense of adventure will take initiatives in research and development. MEDITEST will be there to support the genius of these brilliant minds.

In the ionizing radiation environment, particularly for medical purposes, innovation will be ongoing, continuing to meet the challenge of balancing the concepts of risk and profit. Driven by a new sense of strength, MEDITEST seeks to pursue its development. It is with clairvoyance that Bruno Torres has anticipated the next 10 years.

MEDITEST aims to play a major role in the use of X-rays by creating favorable conditions for innovation. Through its success with MEDIX LAB, the first private laboratory for low-energy calibration quality control equipment, MEDITEST is continuing its scientific and industrial partnerships. These partnerships have mutually enriched each other with the most original new projects.

Unveiling talents, with a fierce desire to always be at the forefront of innovation, MEDITEST is stimulated by visionary projects. Beyond innovative research and development, pragmatic solutions are also needed on a day-to-day scale, so that every human being can enjoy all the benefits of the power of ionizing radiation.

The Three Axes

The following three current working axes will always be present as a required pathway, or as a passport to progress:


Measuring equipment efficacy from an image quality viewpoint;


The protection of patients and professionals;


The calibration of measuring instruments so as to give everyone access to the most optimal conditions of X-ray use.

Whether through research and development or through multidisciplinary exchanges in which it will have the initiative, MEDITEST aims to keep working side-by-side with professionals so that the controlled performance of X-rays continues to be a daily reality, even if new uses of these rays are emerging more and more.