The use of ionizing radiation as a benefit to the patient is a major challenge necessitating stringent levels of demand that are encountered in all professions of the medical field.

MEDITEST’s commitment

MEDITEST meets this requirement of compliance, with a high level of responsibility and greatly specialized technical skills.

What they’re saying about us…
“I recommend MEDITEST  without reservation”

Loïc Coatsaliou
Tools Coordinator Western Europe

GE Healthcare has a large industrial footprint in France. Because our R&D and production centers are located in Buc, I turned to MEDITEST with my expectations for perfect collaboration with our Engineering department. And I turned to MEDIX LAB with my expectations for rigor and impeccable device mastery in line with our real needs.

I am fortunate to have a privileged contact with MEDITEST’s Thibault Tailleur. He responds flawlessly to my needs, which include our challenges, industrial material purchases, product training, and, when needed, after-sales solutions.