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Rayon X

About 30 years ago, once medical physics had existed in France for a few years, professionals began to rigorously consider monitoring devices using ionizing radiation. This was all the more important given that technology was in full-scale innovation and X-ray use in medical imaging was multiplying.

It was in this context that MEDITEST was created in 1984. The company was specialized in electronics and scientific equipment for nuclear purposes. With nearly 30 years of experience, as a pioneer of medical imaging quality control, MEDITEST continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

Since the early 2000s, the company has been dedicated to the quality control of technical platforms for medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and research. One of its first projects was to equip companies in control materials for mammography equipment.

With medical imaging techniques becoming more and more complex, through both national and European initiatives, the regulatory framework has become increasingly more demanding.


In 2007, medical imaging professional Bruno Torres took over MEDITEST. With a master’s from HEC obtained in 2001, at age 41 he picked up the company’s reins, engaging in a dynamic of entrepreneurial ambition.

He comes from a background of the executive offices of an international group, a major player in the medical imaging sector, where he was radiotherapy and nuclear medicine activity manager. He has eighteen years of experience in the market. In the late 1980s, he introduced bone densitometry X-ray scans into France, making him a pioneer in the knowledge and practice of this technology dedicated to women’s health.

Ambitiously, he decided to bring new energy to MEDITEST.

To achieve this, Bruno Torres decided to carry out a 10-year visionary project while handling the management and operational direction of the company. He pursued the company’s growth in its main areas of business while developing the activity into related fields, relying on his experience and his knowledge in the sector.

In 2012, MEDITEST moved to Buc (Yvelines) in the heart of the Saclay-Orsay high-tech valley, which regroups a number of universities, research centers, and industries, including the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

MEDITEST’s market is in quality control in medical imaging. The players take advantage of the benefits of the ongoing reinforcement of regulatory constraints, which has a powerful impact on the health sector, especially in the medical imaging market.

MEDITEST is a negotiations, sales, services, and marketing company. It specializes in materials dedicated to the quality control of medical imaging technical platforms. Its work focuses on three primary areas:


Measuring the efficacy of medical imaging equipment from an image quality viewpoint.


Protecting patients and health workers through dosimetry. (MEDITEST measures the dose that patients receive.)


The calibration of instruments for low-energy X-ray beam parameter measurements.


The materials sold by MEDITEST work in risk prevention, allowing for maximum quality imaging with the most appropriate dosimetry possible. The highest possible image quality leads to optimized diagnostics, favoring quality of life for the patient.

MEDITEST is a dynamic company with a strong potential due to its high-excellence products. MEDITEST enjoys a very good reputation with its clients and its suppliers. It cultivates the technological innovation of supplier partners’ products.

A major actor in the quality control of radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy technology platforms, MEDITEST places all its expertise at the service of safeguarding patients’ lives and optimizing the radiation protection of health professionals.

In 2013, the visionary MEDITEST created the first French secondary metrology laboratory, MEDIX LAB, under the guidance of the CEA-LNE-LNHB, and dedicated to low energy X-ray calibration.

MEDITEST’s work philosophy centers on the quality and expertise of the services provided and adheres to the approach: “A rigorous and irreproachable work quality, for protecting life.”