Equipment and consumables

Equipment and consumables

Equipment and consumables

Since the early 2000s, MEDITEST has been active in the field of medical devices and, more specifically, in that of medical imaging quality control.

There are a number of regulatory provisions aimed at ensuring compliance concerning:

  • patient dose during radiotherapy treatment;
  • patient dose during diagnostic procedures using ionizing radiation;
  • diagnostic image quality.


MEDITEST sells all the necessary equipment for carrying out these controls, which can also be carried out during the installation and maintenance of medical devices.

Our material is classified into two categories:

  • Equipment: Scientific instruments for measuring X-ray beam parameters, test objects, resolution test charts, phantoms simulating all or part of a patient, software, patient restraint systems for radiotherapy treatments, etc.
  • Consumables: Skin markers for optimizing patient positioning during radiotherapy treatments, self-developing radiochromic films used in quality assurance and radiotherapy equipment commissioning, etc.


All our equipment and consumables are all rigorously selected from internationally renowned manufacturers.

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