MEDITEST joins French Healthcare Association

Sharing the same values, MEDITEST is associated with the approach of French Healthcare association which contributes to promoting the French vision in terms of global health, based on a humanist approach of healthcare and a right and fair access to healthcare products and services.

French Healthcare Association promotes a dynamic and collective approach that stimulates international cooperation in the field of health as well as the promotion of the vision according to which health, a vector of social progress, must be improved for all everywhere in the world.

MEDITEST fits perfectly into this approach.

Innovative and pioneering, MEDITEST has been dedicated to technical platform quality control in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, and Research for more than 35 years.

MEDITEST dedicates itself to contributing to the guarantee of diagnostic quality in medical imaging through innovation and security requirements.

In 2013, MEDITEST carried out activities in fields related to its historical distribution activity of equipment and consumables as well as associated services. Thus, MEDITEST creates MEDIX LAB, the first French secondary metrology laboratory for low-energy X-ray calibration, under the auspices of the CEA-LNE-LNHB, national metrology laboratory for ionizing radiation. Thanks to its new skills, MEDIX LAB has extended its offer to the fields of photometry and electrical quantities.

The ambitions of MEDITEST are to deploy the activities of MEDIXLAB internationally. In this context, joining French Healthcare could be a catalyst.

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