In addition to selling the equipment necessary for internal quality controls, we provide a guide describing the procedures for the various tests and standard documents.

  • MEDITEST carries out, through its MEDIX LAB laboratory, standard services and specific services:

– Our standard services meet ANSM requirements for quality control in medical imaging and for radiation protection measures.

– Thanks to our expertise in X-ray metrology, we respond precisely to your measurement needs for 3 physical quantities: air kerma, polarization voltage (kV), and half-value layer (HVL). The different measurement points used by MEDIX LAB are based on NF EN 61267 and ISO 4037 standards. As such, about thirty different measurement points can be used, depending on the end use of the instrument.

We maintain 25 standard beam qualities: RQR3 to RQR10, RQA3, RQA5, RQA7, RQA9, RQT8 to RQT10, RQR-M1 to RQR-M4 (NF EN 61267), and N40 to N150 (ISO 4037).

A commercial proposal confirms each specific service.