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Bruno Torrès

At 53 years old, Bruno Torrès has been President of MEDITEST since he acquired the company in 2007. His career in the medical imaging sector began in the late 80s and led him into various commercial, technical, marketing, and operational responsibilities. During that time, Bruno brought the first X-ray bone densitometry devices to France. By the early 2000s, he was directing the radiotherapy and nuclear medicine business of a major international group, a leading industry player. Building on these experiences and on his in-depth knowledge of the field, Bruno oversaw MEDITEST's development, reinforcing the company’s position in its preferred markets and broadening its offer, particularly in the fields of radiotherapy and dental radiology. In 2013, he led the company through a strategic turn by creating MEDIX LAB, the first French secondary metrology laboratory for low-energy X-ray calibration. MEDIX LAB is the brainchild of a scientific partnership between Meditest and the national metrology laboratory for ionizing radiation, CEA-LNE-LNHB. Its activity, entirely complementary to that of Meditest, is unique in France, opening the doors to targeting competing markets. Equipped with these new skills, the metrology laboratory has recently expanded its know-how into the fields of photometry and electrical quantities. With a master’s degree from HEC, Bruno is a visionary entrepreneur with a strong passion for technology. He currently heads MEDITEST’s and MEDIX LAB’s operational and strategic management....
Rajsaurav Bhatta20191212212031

Rajsaurav Bhatta

Metrology technician
Anne Duarte20191212100643

Anne Duarte

Laboratory Manager
Christelle Dehaeseleer20190411220056

Christelle Dehaeseleer

Laboratory and Repair Assistant
Valérie Dorléans20190411213025

Valérie Dorléans

Quality Manager
Cléa Feret20190411210057

Cléa Feret

Administrative and Quality Assistant
Madjid Haddadou20190411205755

Madjid Haddadou

Logistical Agent
Florent Heilliette20190411205536

Florent Heilliette

Radiotherapy Sales Engineer
Elsa Laboure20190411204509

Elsa Laboure

Sales Assistant
Fabien Marchand20190411201937

Fabien Marchand

Laboratory Sales Engineer
Julien Oberlé20190411164523

Julien Oberlé

Metrology Technician