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MEDITEST’S Corporate Social Responsibility

MEDITEST positions social responsibility as a daily activity within the company. That’s not only because of its area of activity, but also because of its philosophy and values.

Ethical and high-performance, MEDITEST contributes to society’s health and well-being. The company pays attention when its stakeholders speak, so it hears and considers the expectations of all employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. Compliance with laws, national regulations, and international standards is fundamental to MEDITEST’s activity.

In its commercial activity, the company facilitates transparency and dialogue.

Qualitative economic value is favored in the company’s activity relative to the quantitative economic value. It’s MEDITEST’s quality control activity that has led to this qualitative behavior.

From a management standpoint, CEO Bruno Torres ensures the sustainability and development of the company through careful listening and an understanding of the company’s clients and its environment.

The corporate strategy has been organized and laid out for approximately the next 10 years.

MEDITEST’s approach to social responsibility improves overall business efficiency with cost optimization and the monitoring of indicators so that any changes can be anticipated and prepared for.

Employee competence and motivation, partner and customer relations reliability, and brand value and notoriety enable the company to generate profits. This intangible capital is fundamental to MEDITEST, and as the company’s leader, Bruno Torres has chosen to make it fruitful.

MEDITEST’s values insist on the respect of all human beings’ rights, whether those people are employees, customers, partners, and / or suppliers.

The company makes no hesitations in doing all that’s necessary to install a calm atmosphere for its employees. Following that principle, yoga classes are offered on a weekly basis.

From an environmental perspective, all measures recommended by authorities—including the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)—have been implemented.

The water circuit that cools the generators does not cause any change in the characteristics of the running water available in the industrial activity zone of Buc (Yvelines).

The air conditioning used in the MEDIX LAB activity phase is moderate and only operates during working hours. All the equipment of the externally located air conditioning system is locked to prevent any risk of intrusion.

An alarm has been installed to secure the premises and the equipment.

From a logistical point of view, all cardboard used for the MEDITEST initiative is 100% recyclable.