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Technical Support

Consulting: a dedicated expert

Because of their internal expertise, MEDITEST employees are able to give you technical advice tailored to different products and applications.

Whenever you contact us by phone and / or mail, MEDITEST’s reception directs you to the in-house expert who will be able to understand your needs and offer you one or several solutions.

If that ad hoc expert is not available, your message will be traced, and a return engagement will be specified.

The nature of the consulting we provide is diverse and in direct relationship with our internal experiences. For example:


How can you optimize your internal resources?


What direction should you go, considering the solutions you’re expecting and the budget you have?


Given your constraints, how can you maintain the excellent level of service you’ve established?


In your thinking and your organizational planning, how can MEDITEST accompany you in meeting your goals?

We can also provide you with immediate, interactive assistance concerning:


Technical knowledge of a product in addition to the user manual,


Technical practice of a product with internal application engineering to help you get started, or for long-term use,


Remote training tailored to your needs.

MEDITEST agrees to accompany you through your thought processes and / or your specific technical requests. Consulting will be adapted and will sometimes require deferred action to allow for research into additional information that exactly corresponds to your request.

User's manual

MEDITEST has a broad product portfolio with applications relating to radiation protection, radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and research, and training.

Beyond the consulting you’ll receive from your first contact with MEDITEST, and in order to guide you with the proposed solution, each product is systematically associated with a user’s manual. This user’s manual, in paper version and / or in digital format, will accompany the product you have ordered.

In your medium- and long-term use of the products, you’ll sometimes need to refresh your memory on an application. If you don’t have the user’s manual immediately available, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can provide one to you by any means, as soon as possible.


MEDITEST offers a HOTLINE service after office hours.

As soon as you contact us, MEDITEST reception directs you to the in-house expert who will be able to understand your needs and offer you one or several solutions.

If that ad hoc expert is not available, your message will be traced and a return engagement of less than one hour will be specified.

The internal expert who will be in direct contact with you can provide you with the most pertinent information in application engineering.

MEDITEST’s Onsite Consulting

An onsite visit from a MEDITEST consultant is organized whenever necessary.

Our availability allows us to provide you consulting that’s tailored to your expectations, in person. The MEDITEST expert who comes to you is able to speak with you about the products or with your teams. In this context, technical presentations are carried out, and in-situ exercises and training sessions are organized.

An onsite visit also allows us to acquire concrete knowledge about your expectations. One objective of MEDITEST is to constantly develop in order to be as close to its customers' needs as possible and to provide them with new services.

Maintenance / Repair

MEDITEST’s internal expertise allows us to provide you with not only the technical consulting you expect but also a first-level repair and maintenance service.

You contact MEDITEST to describe the technical problem encountered, and in return we’ll specify what needs to be done. With your approval, we’ll draw up an estimate for arranging the repair and delivery of your equipment on our premises.

Application support

As part of its support for its customers, MEDITEST offers several educational/pedagogical interventions:


Technical consulting, in operational coaching style, to get the equipment started and running;


Training, either on-site or by phone, on the different options available with the equipment;


A tailored pedagogical intervention.