Sales Conditions

Any order placed with MEDITEST via the website implies express and unconditional acceptance of these terms of sale and the client’s renunciation of his or her own general conditions of purchase. Any clause to the contrary must be formalized through a written agreement.

Order processing can occur in two distinct situations:

  • Orders for products authorized for online sale, with prices listed on the website:

In this case, all orders made through the website are accepted by Seller when accompanied by full settlement of payment for the order in question. As long as payment by the Client has not been made, the order is not shipped.

  • Orders for products not authorized for online sale, for which prices are not shown on the website:

In this case, any order must be made in writing, sent to the MEDITEST company headquarters in Buc, via fax, postal mail service, or email.

No verbal orders will be accepted. Orders must mention the references and descriptions from our catalogs and the rates.

Regardless of the ordering method, if a delivery error occurs due to a lack of precision, we decline all responsibility; return fees must be covered by the buyer.

The prices in euros are firm and not subject to revision, provided that MEDITEST receives the order before the validity period indicated on the offered price or current rate expires. Prices are in euros, net before taxes, departing from our premises. Shipping costs are extra for all orders totaling less than 1000 Euros before taxes, unless otherwise agreed. The VAT rate applied is that in force at the date of issue of the invoice.

Delivered goods will appear on an invoice which must be settled in full no later than 30 days from the date of invoice. Payment must be made by check or wire transfer. Any other means of payment must be previously negotiated and agreed upon by the parties. Where products are available for online ordering, payment may be made by credit card through the secure online HSBC payment module.

The Company reserves the right, depending on the markets, to request payment of a deposit with the order, and payments at certain points during the service period. The Company reserves the right, without contest or recourse by the client, to modify the previously agreed payment terms, in case of delayed payment or non-payment of an invoice. Any delay in payment after the due date will be subject to a penalty on the basis of 1.5 times the legal interest rate from the first letter of formal notice under the legislation in force, Law 92.1442 from 31 December 1992. Such interest will be invoiced.

Non-payment of all or part of an invoice automatically entails termination of granted conditions and future deliveries and the immediate payment of all amounts due. Furthermore, MEDITEST reserves the right to recover the equipment delivered, wherever that may be, fifteen days after a formal notice of demand for payment without a satisfactory response. Such recovery shall have no consequences on the damages and interests that MEDITEST may claim.

The delivered goods remain the property of MEDITEST until full payment of all amounts has been paid, according to law No. 80335 of 12 May 1980. The legal settlement or liquidation of the buyer’s property cannot change this clause. Any risk, damage, loss, theft, damage, or consequences occurred on the delivered material before it is paid in shall be the responsibility of the client.

Delivery dates related to an order are indicative only and in no way contractual. Any delay in delivery cannot in any case justify the cancellation of the order by the buyer, nor be cause for damages or interest. MEDITEST is exempt from any obligation should any unexpected events or force majeure occur (such as war, riot, strike, fire, flood, or inability to source) which prevent the manufacturing or shipment of equipment ordered.

Our goods are sold from our premises and, even in the case of deliveries that are free of charge, are shipped at the risk of the recipient, including returns. Other delivery methods may be implemented through mutual agreement, especially in the case of export sales.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to carry out the inspection of goods upon receipt and to make appropriate, precise comments on the carrier’s delivery slip. These comments must be sent to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours of receipt of goods. If this procedure is not respected, the recipient waives any recourse whatsoever against MEDITEST.

The goods supplied are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of delivery. MEDITEST assumes responsibility for remedying defects of its products and reserves the right to repair or replace the defective goods at its own expense under the warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Incorrect use not in accordance with the rules and recommendations expressed in the manufacturer’s operating instructions,
  • Any use not specified in the instructions for use,
  • Reasons unrelated to the material itself (bad wiring, power surge, lightning, water damage, etc.),
  • Any attempt by unauthorized third parties to repair or use the equipment.

In no event shall MEDITEST pay an indemnity to the buyer, nor provide a refund for the goods.

Beyond the warranty period, any repair or exchange request will be subjected to a written tariff proposal.

MEDITEST must be notified, in writing, of any complaints regarding the quality of shipped products within ten days of the date of delivery or implementation. If a claim is justified, our liability shall be limited to the warranty set forth in the paragraph entitled, “GUARANTEE.” No returns will be accepted without the express agreement, even verbal, of our Sales Administration Service. Any unauthorized return must be returned at the sender’s expense. Equipment must be returned, at the sender’s expense, in its original packaging, accompanied by a letter of explanation. Any product returned that is not flawless (scratches, label adhesive residue, glue residue, etc.) will be refused and immediately returned to the sender at the latter’s expense. It is understood that returned products shall be fully payable by the client, even if the purchase was initially made through a loan. The introduction of a claim can in no case allow the customer to delay regularly scheduled payments.

In the case of disputes or litigation which cannot be resolved amicably, regardless of their level of significance, the Commercial Court of Versailles has sole jurisdiction. The present conditions of sale, dated April 2, 2012, supersede and replace any previous documents that may otherwise be relevant.