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CATPHAN 700 is designed for comprehensive evaluation of axial, spiral, multislice, conebeam, and volume CT scanners

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CATPHAN 700  is designed to evaluate the maximum performance potential of multi-slice CT scanners with enhanced sensitometry samples for radiation therapy planning.
Tests - Summary
• Scan slice geometry
(slice width and slice sensitivity profile)
• high resolution (1 to 21 line pairs per cm)
• phantom position verification
• patient alignment system check
• low contrast sensitivity
• comparative subslice and supra-slice low
contrast sensitivity
• spatial uniformity
• scan incrementation
• noise (precision) of CT systems
• circular symmetry
• sensitometry (linearity)
• pixel (matrix) size
• point spread function and modulation transfer function (MTF) for the x, y, and z axes
To improve the phantom's functionalities, different options and versions are available.