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Solid-state multisensor designed to measure dose, dose rate, kV, and filtration in mammography

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RADCAL solid-state multisensor for ACCU-GOLD+ and RAPID-GOLD+ designed to measure single exposure dose, dose rate, exposure time, kV, beam filtration, and HVL in mammography. The use of improved stacked sensor technology makes this new multisensor the smallest solid-state sensor available today.  

Additional information:

- the detector allows for measurements of the following mammographic tube track-filter combinations: Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, W/Ag, W/Rh, W/Al (optional)

- energy range: 20 kV to 50 kV

- dose range: 80 nGy to 100 Gy

- dose rate range: 80 nGy/s to 200 mGy/s

- time range: 1 ms to 300 s