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MEDITEST Security and Performance


Bruno Torres

In 2007, imaging professional Bruno Torres took over MEDITEST and oversaw all aspects of the company’s functions—strategy, technical, human resources, and finance.

He understands that when you take on a project, you have to be visionary.

Already involved in a well-advanced technology world, Bruno Torres knows that there’s still a lot of creativity, innovation, and initiative yet to be done.

In his professional history, Bruno Torres has already tested his entrepreneurial abilities. He comes from the executive offices of an international group, a major player in the medical imaging sector, where he was radiotherapy and nuclear medicine activity manager. In the late 1980s, he introduced bone densitometry X-ray scans into France, making him a pioneer in the knowledge and practice of this technology dedicated to women’s health.

For Bruno Torres, balance is crucial. And that notion of balance has its rightful place in the field of ionizing radiation and, in particular, the use of X-rays, whether for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. X-ray-expert health professionals have one specific day-to-day challenge: finding the right balance between risk and benefit for the patient.

Bruno Torres has taken this notion of balance and given it life, not only within MEDITEST but also with the company’s clients and partners.

In the work environment, the company’s goal is to work alongside radiology professionals, and support them.

Every day, Bruno Torres is committed to respecting and implementing his ethics and values within MEDITEST. It was to this company that he ambitiously elected to bring new energy, pumped from his characteristic avant-garde dynamic.

A pioneer in the field, MEDITEST has been dedicated to quality control of medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, and research technology platforms for the past 30 years.

MEDITEST places its entire range of expertise into the service of safeguarding patients’ lives and optimizing the radiation protection of health professionals.

As for the MEDITEST team, Bruno Torres hopes that every day is a “remarkable” one that allows each person to leave his or her mark and be able to say: “I’ve been a partner to X-ray experts, and I’ve made it possible for each patient to get the very best.”

Under the visionary and innovative leadership of its president Bruno Torres, MEDITEST is continuing its growth and expanding into other domains. As a result, MEDITEST products are reaching greater and greater levels of technical excellence.
In 2013, in synergy with its scientific and industrial partners, MEDITEST created the first French secondary metrology laboratory dedicated to low-energy X-ray calibration: MEDIX LAB.

MEDITEST’s work philosophy centers on the quality and expertise of the services provided and adheres to the approach: “A rigorous and irreproachable work quality, for protecting life.”

Every day MEDITEST ensures both security and performance for its clients and partners.

MEDITEST Values and Philosophy

The company: where human talent is revealed

Today’s company is a place where that fierce human desire to push the mind’s intelligence and have it evolve, grow, and acquire new energies is revealed.

The company is a place of adventure, and discerning professionals have realized that it’s an ideal site for enriching the meaning of human life. The scenario of that adventure starts in the very characteristics of the company’s activity, but also in the interactions of people within the organization.