Solid state multisensor designed to measure dose, dose rate, kV, and filtration in diagnostic and dental X-RAY.

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RADCAL solid-state multisensor for ACCU-GOLD+ and RAPID-GOLD+ designed to measure single exposure dose, dose rate, exposure time, kV, beam filtration, and HVL in diagnostic and dental X-RAY. The use of improved stacked sensor technology makes this new multisensor the smallest solid-state sensor available today.

Additional information:

  • dose range: 80 nGy to 100 Gy
  • dose rate range: 80 nGy/s to 200 mGy/s
  • energy range: 40 kV to 160 kV
  • filtration: until 40 mm equivalent Al – HVL: 1.3 to 13.5 mm Al
  • time range: 1 ms to 300 s